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8 Signs That You May Be Vitamin B12 Deficient

“When you hear about someone being anemic, you may automatically assume that it means they are low in iron or ferritin, but actually if you are anemic, it more likely could mean you are low on vitamin B12. As reported by Express, vitamin B12 deficiency can...

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Is Your Thyroid Affecting Your Mental Health?

“The keeper of our mitochondria is our thyroid hormone. This is why, when thyroid hormone is deficient or poorly functioning, patients experience an array of symptoms, including fatigue, constipation, hair loss, depression, foggy thinking, cold body...

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What makes joints pop and crack and is it a sign of disease?

“Air bubbles forming in the joint spaces are the most common cause of popping noises. This noise occurs at joints where there is a layer of fluid separating the two bones. Joints can be forced apart through natural everyday movements, or deliberately, such as...

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