Here is a screen shot of APPS that I use on my phone and I’m pretty sure I have followers on this page that will love them as much as I do.

The ‘Think Dirty’ app is the one I use the most.

Now, all you Tropic and Neils Yard consultants are going to love me because check out your products with the app, your customers will 😍 love the results.

I stock and use Weleda and when scanned they definitely didn’t disappoint!!

Just scan the barcode, or type the name of the products you use in the bathroom, from shampoos to makeup.
It will then give you an overall score from 0 to 10 (0 being good and 10 being bad).
You will also get a list of the names of the individual ingredients and their scores to watch out for in other products. Don’t forget to check the products that you use on your little ones.
It’s worth noting that not everything that claims to be ‘natural’ really is!

Be skin aware folks!
It’s amazing how, what you put on your skin, has a massive effect on your physical and mental health as well.

And what’s more the apps are free, so 😉 you’re very welcome.
Now don’t forget to like and share with other people who have skin! 😬😂

Happy Scanning!
Much love,
Sarah ‘skin conscious’ Thompson 💋 xx
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