If you can’t think of a reason to continue, it’s time to start over.
It’s that simple folks!

I’ve been in some dark places in my mind and it’s then that you need to make some, often hard decisions.
Either, roll over and admit defeat, or decide to fight the fight.
Once YOU take control then the magic happens!

You need to look for change when you feel low, ill, down or even anxious.
I watch people truly struggle with their life but make no attempt to change it.
When they ask for help, it’s at that moment I get excited and get to work.

Stop treading water people.
To make a change you need to remember, that to see different results, you need to do something different to achieve it, and sometimes that means stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing new routines, new ways of living or just being a ‘new you’ to achieve it.

Be patient though, be kind to yourself and talk kindly about yourself.
Your positive action, combined with positive thinking, results in success.
And here’s the exciting bit.
Once you see the results it becomes an addiction!

Now, as another weekend draws to a close.
I am content.
I am thankful that I myself made changes to my life, changes that freed me from a stressed out, anxiety ridden existence with no escape from my mind.
This escape allows me to live a life that I feel content with.
Happy (most the time!) Apart from the odd rant, but that’s good for me too. 😉
I see life so differently now than I did then, and can enjoy my life and so can you.
Make a move.
Make the change, now!

Goodnight folks!
Much love,
Sarah 💋 xx