Just under my left eye, a scar, from a mole removal after years of ‘sun-bedding it’ in my mid teens, well no self respecting travel consultant was anything other than mahogany in the 90’s.

Just off center but between my eyebrows,(well when I say eyebrows I mean the ones I draw on everyday to combat the self inflicted case of ‘brow baldness’ I gave myself from the obsession of over plucking in my youth) anywho, here lieth the large scar from the chickenpox I was told repeatedly not to pick, well I was what, 7/8?!

Moving North, you will notice the skin changes, and now resembles the chocolaty layers of a Walls Viennetta, otherwise referred to as ‘worry lines’.

So that would be;
🤔A challenging youth.(That’s a best selling book all on its own.)
🤔Knowing everything about being a grown up and moving out of home at 17.
🤔Realising life as an adult is bloody hard.
🤔Buying a house, on my own, to start again, again.
🤔Working my way up the career ladder as hard and as fast as I could, probably to prove a point.
🤔Having a premature baby.
🤔Running away from a bad choice in life, just me, my premature baby and my Dyson hoover?!
🤔Going bankrupt, just to escape.
🤔Having to change careers, as i was bankrupt.
🤔Starting again in a new place, as a single parent with a small child and less than zero money. (Although my Granda, who I loved more than life itself, bought me carpets for my house which was big deal for me, I was now around 24 I think.)
🤔Daily Panic attacks.
🤔Daily anxiety.
🤔Depression visited for a while, that was fun.
🤔Then I had my complete mental breakdown.
🤔Lost a fair few years of my life at this point (and my daughters life to be fair)
🤔Won a war of mental torture and choose not to end it as my daughter deserved better.
🤔Started to create a brand new life, as scary as that was.
🤔Fast forward…………..
🤔God jumped in, when I’d learnt some lessons in life and threw me a lifeline.
🤔Got married.
🤔Had a baby girl.
🤔BANG!!!! Got postnatal depression.
🤔Daily anxiety.
🤔Daily Panic attacks.
🤔Developed Hypochondria, throughly sure that I was going to die, every single day.
🤔Got better.
🤔Worked really hard at getting my life together.
🤔Studied reflexology at college whilst I worked full time and looked after two kids.
🤔Fast, fast forward………
🤔Lost my Granda ( the carpet buyer and my all round rock in life.) In a very tragic way.
🤔Struggled for a while.
🤔Became an auntie for the first time.
🤔Started One Therapy Reflexology.
🤔Had a baby boy.
🤔BANG!!! baby boy, reaches 7 weeks and is rushed to the Royal Children’s Hospital in Belfast as he turned blue, looked like a burns baby and stopped breathing, diagnosed with Anaphylaxis to dairy and soya.
🤔Spoke publicly at varies events about mental health and the importance of seeking help.
🤔Built a ‘posh shed’ at home to work hard on building my business.
🤔Left all employed work and started working for myself, very very scary move.
🤔Worked very hard for years.
🤔Watched helplessly whilst trying desperately to find a way to help my mother in law overcome depression and anxiety.
🤔Support my husband, father in law, brother in law and my children to come to term with the sudden and tragic loss of my mother in law.
🤔Spend months wondering why? And what’s the point?
🤔Prayed hard for Guidance.
🤔Fast forward…………
🤔Opened the new One Therapy Reflexology Health Clinic in Magheralin.
🤔Watched my children navigate their way through school.
🤔See my first born finish her GCSES today, something that I honestly didn’t think I would see once upon a time but hey, here we are!

So yes I have ‘worry lines’ and scars that are visible for the world to see, but I am now proud of what I have achieved, and how far I have come, I can only hope that if you are reading this and are struggling with life, remember you are more than capable of breaking free.
Don’t let life consume you.
Don’t let it swallow you up!!
Grab life by the scruff and go get what you want, i promise you it is out there for the taking, you just need to navigate your way through.
Gathering scars and worry lines as you go and be proud to show them for all the world to see.

Night folks!!
Much love,
Sarah 💋 xx