No road to recovery, whatever that’s from, is a speedy process.
A steady incline.
If plotted on a graph it probably looks much like a print out from an ECG machine.

This is so important to remember folks for when the dip comes, be prepared and dig deep at this point.
Muster up all the strength you can find and go right through it!

It has been suggested that people who suffer mental health issues were possibly the most ‘vulnerable’ amongst us, possibly predisposed to poor mental health from their earlier years or past traumas and experiences.
Do I agree?
Do I believe they ARE weak?
I think not, here’s my thinking…..

I feel WE ARE THEE THREAT , the force to be reckoned with, the side of society that can make the most impact on the world around us.

WE, when strong, can bring so much strength, compassion and love to a world that’s so very broken.

I have never, ever met someone or treated someone who seeked help for anxiety or depression who were selfish!

The selfish individual worries only about themselves.
The caring and self-less individual, worries about everyone else first!!

Please remember that whatever is happening in your life it is only temporary and will pass…
The battle will be won.
You will survive.
When you choose to fight you are already winning.
You need to trust in the process.
One day at a time.
It’s definitely not going to be easy so do not give up when the lows come.

Do Not fear the dark.
Without the dark, the stars can’t shine, am I right?
Of course I am! 😉

Have a nice relaxing weekend folks!!
Much love,
Sarah 💋 xx