Diet Coke drinker? Aspartame is a key ingredient and it is not something any of us should be consuming….

“One of the main ingredients that are in diet soda is aspartame. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener to replace the sugar from a regular soda. While it tastes very similar, it is nothing like sugar. Aspartame is a laboratory-engineered chemical that is terrible for your body. It’s not just ‘bad’ for you either; it’s literally poison. It can triple your risk of stroke and Dementia a new study finds….”

Scientific Studies Prove that Aspartame Is By Far One of the Deadliest Food Additives Around Today

Some of the most dangerous chemicals and drugs aren’t actually drugs at all – they’re our food and drinks. You might think choosing diet is a healthy decision, but you probably aren’t aware of the dangerous effects of aspartame. Many people don’t question the ingredients that are really in t…