Seminars & Workshops

Sarah is also a conference speaker on topics relating to optimal health.

As an award winning therapist Sarah is regarded as one of the industries most inspiring people after becoming a finalist for the Inspiration Award 2016 at the Holistic Business Awards in London.

Sarah’s inspirational life story has seen her speak at everything from small gathering in a rural village to corporate business conferences and company away days.

Believing that life should be one great adventure rather than an endurance exercise Sarah pulls on her vast knowledge gained with years of experience in both the travel industry and as a former retail and compliance trainer within many various retail companies. Sarah has the skillset to develop any team and transform their mindsets, strengthening their problem solving abilities, which by the way can be very beneficially when it comes to a successful sales driven environment!

From a company point of view, a happy workforce equip with positive mindsets and knowhow can reduce sick days and increase sales and productivity.

Coaching clients back to health is a passion of Sarah’s with a wide range of bookable workshops discussing everything from Mental Health to Stress management. Other topics include Digestive Issues, Skin Conditions, Allergies (both adults and kids), Women’s Health & Fertility, Addictions (including sugar) and Pain Management.

Sarah speaks publicly about her personal painstaking battle with mental health. Openly discussing the trails and tribulations along the way. Hear how the negatives became positives as she shares her successful top tips to wellness.

So whether its stress, postnatal depression or overcoming physical illness, including weight management and how to ‘Eat yourself Happy.’ Sarah has it covered!

To book Sarah for any private speaking engagements then please email [email protected] with a brief overview of your requirements.

“Having a strong relationship with my faith you may be interested to hear how God took the reins and led me back to health and happiness. It’s worth remembering that if you are a christian and you are ‘hurting’ then you haven’t ‘failed’ you are merely lost. Are you choosing to continually bang on a firmly locked door? Sometimes answers are right in front of you but not always in the way you may think!”

Sarah x