“Has someone ever told you to “go with your gut,” or have you ever trusted a “gut feeling” without knowing why?

Well, “gut feeling” is a more literal term than we give it credit for. It turns out that the vagus nerve serves as a pretty direct line between your brain and your viscera, keeping track of and reacting to interoceptive signals (that is, information about what’s going on inside your body).

You may remember the vagus nerve as CN X from our overview of the cranial nerves a few weeks back. It’s the “wandering nerve” that extends from the brain stem all the way down into the torso and abdomen, branching out to your heart, lungs, stomach, and intestines……”

Viva the Vagus! Five Facts About the Tenth Cranial Nerve

Learn about our favorite wandering nerve and how it plays a central role in gut-brain communications!